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chase. two campaigns.

chase jot

small business owners dread nothing more than the prospect of reconciling mounds and mounds of paper receipts each month. we dramatized their feelings of horror by creating paper receipt monsters that can be easily defeated by a new app from chase. hat tip to the client for taking a risk on work that was hugely different for them. happily, it paid off.

experiential, pr and viral video idea: the "back office beast" terrorizes people heading to work in grand central station, belching out receipts in the form of JOT postcards to encourage people to download JOT.

mobile ads

chase ink

chase wanted to find an arresting (and really cheap) way to congratulate the year’s crème de la crème of small business owners who qualified to be listed in inc magazine’s prestigious “inc 500”. we did it in print and a medium they had never even heard of at the time.

chase congrats via augmented reality. yes, a.r. but it was early on!

your phone reveals hands applauding the small business winners with clapping sfx.

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