lg europe wanted to compete against dyson with it’s chic, upscale vacuum cleaner, the kompressor, in a shopper marketing campaign that sought to extol its u.s.p of a one-of-a-kind compression system that compacts dust and dirt into easily disposed of wedges; a boon for allergy sufferers. BUT ... we took the challenge one giant step further. to brand the product, and add intrigue, we created a hot new art movement, called “kompressionism”, as well as a fictional artist who’d be its creator. we’d begin by putting larger than life-sized, "kompressed" art installations of dogs, cats, flowers and rabbits (allergy sufferer’s nightmares) in heavily trafficed areas of major metropolitan european cities for people to photograph and post online, blog about and get free pr. we’d then feature the artist in a documentary through viral videos. once a groundswell had begun, we’d invite writers, artists, the media, and potential consumers to a gallery showing; at which people could meet the artist, see more of her work, and learn about her inspiration (to be shown on lg screens) of her using the vacuum to create kompressionistic works of art.